指令al Services is committed to involving parents, 学校工作人员, and the community as active partners in planning, 交付, and evaluating our services by working closely with universities, 大学, 企业, ued西甲赫塔菲官网及市民团体.

指令al Services promotes all aspects of the educational process through our development and support of technology. We provide 培训 in the use of essential technology tools that enhance curricular, instructional and administrative services in our schools.

我们预测需求和机会, 所有这些都是为了识别, developing and implementing programs and practices that, 通过教育, improve the opportunities for students and staff of uedbet官网ISD.

Curriculum, 专业发展 and 学校改进



教学主任 & 学习


uedbet官网ISD will be the community's first choice for educational services so that every student in every classroom achieves every day.


uedbet官网ISD serves our customers by providing value-added services through collaboration and leadership for learning.

  • 客户满意度 建立关系. 把客户放在第一位.
  • 持续改进 -让自己不断进步. 永不放弃.
  • 问责制 - Make decisions that will last longer than you will. 荣誉的承诺. 产生影响.
  • 社区伙伴关系 -我们关心我们的社区. 我们重视人员和思想的多样性.
  • 协作 -一起做大事. Create vision, inspire others and advance priorities and mission fo the organization.